Book reviews

In China, angrily reading David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas
In China, angrily reading David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas

These are the books I’ve read. Simply by clicking on them, you will learn what I thought about them:

MetamorphosisFranz Kafka

Man loses job, family ostracise him; also, he is a 6-foot cockroach

The Fall Of HyperionDan Simmons

Epic space opera with the ultimate in literal deus ex machina

Kraken China Miéville

Barmy comic horror about the theft of a giant squid corpse and the ensuing end of the world

The Lost World Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Professor Challenger ejaculates over a number of dinosaurs

Perdido Street Station – China Miéville

A filthier city than Ankh-Morpork faces a terrifying scourge

Island literature
Reading, like a boss

Harvest – Jim Crace

A small farming community’s way of life is threatened by the arrival of outsiders

Rogue ForcesDale Brown

Utterly meaningless gung-ho military drivel

A Suitable VengeanceElizabeth George

Inspector Lynley introduces his betrothed to his mother, while solving a frightful murder in his home town

The Hook Donald E Westlake

Writer writes about a writer who employs another writer to kill his wife

In The Midst Of DeathLawrence Block

Ex-cop Matt Scudder tries to get a corrupt cop off a dubious murder charge

Skeleton CrewStephen King

Short story collection in which people get mulched

stoopid reading
When I read, I use my r’Etna’s

The Heart of the MatterGraham Greene

Middle-aged man is rubbish at having an affair

The Last Family in EnglandMatt Haig

Emotional family drama, through the eyes of the dog

Brave New WorldAldous Huxley

Dystopian future in which everyone is happy, care-free and sexually satisfied. Also, mad

The Andromeda StrainMichael Crichton

Exciting extraterrestrial invasion hopelessly mired by exhaustive scientific explanations

The MartianAndy Weir

Exciting scientific explanations mired by hopelessly juvenile narrative

The Bone ClocksDavid Mitchell

Time-hopping character drama with vacuous fantasy plot stapling it together

WoolHugh Howey

Denizens of a subterranean society seek to step out for a breath of death air

Station ElevenEmily St John Mandel

Subtle yet sweeping treatise of a cataclysmic global plague

The Stone Man – Luke Smitherd

Hopelessly flawed alien hunter/gatherer hunts humans & gathers poor grammar and typos

Dying For A Living – Kory M Shrum

Hunted by the Church & pestered by angels, sassy zombie Jesse almost loses her head

A Game Of Thrones – George RR Martin

Epic and gritty fantasy descriptions of clothing and shiny hair

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