Writer progress: I am no longer a slush puppy!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been sending short stories out to magazines this year, in the hope of building up a portfolio of credits, not to mention to validate my assertion that “I am a writer”.

You may remember my frustration at receiving so many rejections. But what are rejections, if not slightly painful stabs of encouragement? Rejections are just psychologically damaging bullets of motivation, right? Sure, they hurt, but they drive you to improve.

This is shit – try harder.

Stop sending trash – learn to write.

What the fuck is this? – Go back to school.


So, imagine my surprise when my latest attempt, a flash fiction piece called Purgatory, received the following reply:

“I very much enjoyed “Purgatory” and I’ve sent it to the other editors for their consideration. Final cuts won’t be until mid-September, so please be patient.”


It means the story made it past the slush pile!

Now, whether these other editors like the story or not, there’s progress here. My work is no longer being discarded out of hand! Someone has read it and liked it.

I can’t tell you how excited this has made me. The magazine, based in the US, is a pro-paying market, specifically $0.05 a word. So, for a 1,000 word flash fiction, you’re looking at the princely sum of $50! Now that Brexit has fucked sterling right in the Queen’s ear, that’s worth almost £50!


Sure, that won’t pay for a night out in London – which I’ll surely be having if I get published – but by Jove I’ll be a published writer. That, friends, is invaluable. That’s what I’ve been striving for, what I’ve been dreaming about.

Sure, it’s one measly short story. And it hasn’t even made it into the mag yet – but it means I’m getting closer.

It means I’m not a total fucking shambles.

It means, if I keep going, something good might happen!

(Cue next blog post: 12 reasons writers shouldn’t get their hopes up…)

9 thoughts on “Writer progress: I am no longer a slush puppy!”

  1. Those comments hurt! 😦 but i tell you, whether they get your story or not, you’re a writer. Some people may not want what you write but as long as there are those few who can relate and benefit in what you’re writing, then you are a writer! Or better yet, don’t get so focus on the title of being a writer. And remember, even j.k rowling with his harry potter got rejected first! And look where she is now. 😉 don’t mind them. Goodluck on everything!

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  2. Rejection is a bit like taking smack. The first taste makes you feel like vomiting, but when to get used to it you start to feel nothing at all.

    Seriously, well done with the “very much enjoyed” it really means something. It’s the “very interesting” you have to watch out for, as it’s code for “I think it’s a bucket of shit”.

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