New Oscar Showdowns

Hello everyone. I hope you’re OK…

I was going to write something about the state of the coronavirus lockdowns and the perpetual mismanagement of our response to the virus in the UK, but do you know what? I just hope you’re OK.

As further restrictions begin to spread, region by region (at least in Britain), you might find you’ve some more time to spend reading CONTENT, and boy, do I have some content for you. The International Oscar Showdown continues to garner a great response, so I’ll keep writing them for you movie fans out there.

Two new articles in the series have been published this month. 2010 saw Iraq-occupation drama The Hurt Locker up against Argentinian crime thriller The Secret In Their Eyes – and one of the closest match-ups I’ve written so far.

More recently, I posted 2009’s showdown between British movie Slumdog Millionaire and Japanese comedy-drama Departures. Both concerned with fatalism, they otherwise had very little in common, but so far one of the stand-out years with two really good films.

I mentioned before being asked to do a podcast to talk about Life Is Beautiful – my God, that is such a lovely, gut-wrenching film. Well, we did the recording last week, and I’m told by the producer of The One-Inch Barrier that it will be up in the next week or so. Prepare yourselves for my dulcet tones!

Thanks for reading this stuff, by the way. Seeing my reading figures go up always makes me happy. I hope you’ve also found your way into some films you’d not come across before. That’s definitely been a boon for me!

Anyway, stay safe, stop shaking hands, no kissing at the back, and enjoy the films…


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